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Fortuna Manor's Journal

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10th August 2003

dividing_line7:47pm: Chrys lay on the floor of the library reading an immense book.

It was actually an atlas and he was just flipping through, running his finger over different places in wonderment.

The was so much he didn't understand about this world, and conversations earlier had done little to comfort him.

He thought he better start with the atlas and learn about about other places. He found "London" listed in the index and followed the directions to find it, dragging his fingers from the appointed spots at the top and side of the page.
At least he now knew where Xavier was from.

Of course, not knowing where he was now made it difficult to gain any perspective.
He made it into a game, looking at the pages, closing his eyes and dropping a finger down to point somewhere, and deciding thats where he was.
whimsycal5:13pm: Whimsy kneeled backwards on a chair in the kitchen, resting her hands and chin on the back rail and sighed.

She'd been here for several days and not seen a soul. The house was stifling and even the frequent walks outside did little to help. She just wasn't used to it.

The house was roomy enough, but it had walls and a roof. Those were it's major downfalls.

She sighed again and slid her legs down, straddling the chair, chin still on the back and she let her hands dangle at her sides.

"How am I to exist here?"

9th August 2003

reznarre7:26pm: Reznarre stood in the middle of a hallway on the main floor. Completely lost.

He'd turned left, then right, then left again, but when he retraced his movements he came up empty and...lost.

"Damnit..." He said and started wandering aimlessly, peering into room after room trying to find something he recognized.

After searching for about half an hour he chose a room at raandom and flopped down in a chair, slumped over and rubbed his temples.
devilsmaycare3:27pm: He peered out his door before he moved to exit it cautiously, not wanting to run into anyone in the halls as he sought some quiet time, a book clutched under one arm as he stalked into and down the hallways.

After a full twenty minuets, he'd not found a place to sit and read. There were many empty rooms, salons, parlors- But they all seemed to empty. Hallow and lonely. He simply wanted to find a place that had a calming atmosphere. Now one of polished decay and death.

He paused in the landing between the first and second floor, and noticed a chair..and a lamp. Well, it would do. He sat down, and made himself comfortable, content to pick up Pauvre Chien-homme where he had left off.
niceven3:05pm: After sitting in the entrance hall for what seemed like hours, looking around, Jasper put a charm on her trunk that would give anyone who tried to open it antlers for the next hour or so, and went to explore the rooms. She chose a room in the West Wing that had dark red walls and a dark mahogany canopy bed with crimson hangings. The windows faced the West, and she leaned on the windowsill, imagining the way the sunset would turn the room into blood. Mine, she decided, and Accio-ed her trunk from downstairs. When it came whizzing into the room, she levitated it over in the corner and left it there. There was a time for unpacking and this was not it. Making a face at the carved figures on the bedposts, she left the room to explore some more.
Current Mood: chipper
da_mi_on3:42pm: Damion was systematically opening all the hall closets in the west wing.

So far he had found one full of giftwrapped packages, one full of kittens (Which he let run out over his feet, scooping up one as it tumbled over his shoe)

And now, as he held the yellowish kitten in one hand, he opened a closet that was full of balloons.

The floated out in slow motion as he watched in awe.

"What kind of place IS this?" He asked, looking down at the kitten, shaking his head.

8th August 2003

black_mirror2:01pm: Stetzer sat in his sitting room with all the curtains drawn, enjoying a fire and pretending it was already night.

The days dragged here to the point where even he welcomed the night that he once feared.

The cool blackness of it embraced him and he stretched his four legs regularly in it's midst.

But for know he just sat and waited for the realy darkness to fall.
diamond_night11:26am: Kalli stood quietly in the entrance way gazing around slack jawed.

"Wow." She breathed, eyes wide.

"This place is huge. And beautiful. And HUGE!"

She walked a few steps in, dragging her things with her.

Standing in the middle of the entrance way she spread her arms and turned in slow circles, eyes trained upwards on the stain glass cupola built into the arch in the ceiling, making the peak rise an extra 5 or 6 feet.
dividing_line11:17am: Chrys blew hard under a piece of lint trying to keep it afloat, turned almost upside down in a chair.

He was bored almost to tears in this place. Nothing to do and almost no one to talk to.

He'd only spoken with Xavier and he seemed less then interested in talk again.

It was just him then, and the ball of lint.
down_like_water11:02am: Dorian stretched and slipped out of bed to dress.
He'd managed to find the basement and was pleased to discover it had been set up extremely well for him.

He dressed quickly and stretched again opening the door ad crossing into the shirt hall.

Another door, propped open caught his eye and being nosey, he stuck his head in.

It was another room set up exactly like his, and the bed was rumpled.
So unless he had been deathwalking again and mussed the bed himself.

"There's another vampire here.."

He muttered with a wicked grin,withdrawing from the room and finishing down the hall.

"How utterly fabulous." He said with a wider grin, climbing the stairs to the main part of the house.

7th August 2003

xavier_evans5:32pm: Xavier was back on the steps. He had grown to prefer this spot well over the house's indoors. Though the falseness of the well manicured grounds was displeasing, at least it was dirty, and therefore far more relaxing.

Lennox had ignored him since that first day. Or maybe it was just a case of not having run into him. No matter... as if Xavier were hard to find.

"Foolish me..."
black_mirror4:06pm: Stetzer sat on the large chopping block in the middle of the kitchen eating an apple and thinking.

Two nights ago he'd seen Brian. He'd let Brian touch him in animal form. He;d never down that. The cougar was a tool of the trade, he used it to take down werewolves, not to be affectionate with others.
The entire concept was forgein to him.
He'd liked it.

He also blushed, thinking about what else had gone on in the conversation.
da_mi_on11:57am: Damion was in the kitchen putting together sandwiches, hoping Cerridwyn would like them. He added fruit and rinks to the bundle and slung it onto his back. He wasn't sure where they would meet, so he decided to just try the stables.

He brushed sweaty palms over his jeans and inspected his boots for a moment, when the sudden thought of what Cerridwyn would look like on a horse burst into his head.
He shook it vigorously and sighed touching a hand to flaming cheeks.

He set off out the back door, looking up at the sky. It was a perfect day.

6th August 2003

da_mi_on8:40pm: Damion sat quietly in his sitting room, having parted company with Bree and Xavier.

The other two were much more interested in each other, and it was just as well. Three was a crowd and he didn't like crowds much.

The fire was nice and cozy, he liked it here by himself.

The Manor itself was puzzling, as were the reasons for being here. But he was a creature comfortable where he sat.

And his arm chair was pretty darn cushy.
xavier_evans11:55am: Xavier had slipped out of bed early in the morning. Once he had woken, he found it difficult to fall back asleep. There was no conversation between them, and the feelings from the night before had died somewhat, leaving him strangely uncomfortable. No, familiarly uncomfortable, and it seemed better to leave than deal with the awkward silence until Lennox woke.

Going outside for a cigarette was the universal solution to any problem, so he did just that.

5th August 2003

devilsmaycare2:37pm: His bag draped lazily over his arm as he hoisted himself onto the front railings of the manor. It really had been a long flight, and going inside seems rather pointless when he wanted to soak up as much of the night as he could.

The cool air stung at his under clothed flesh, New Orleans had given him over to warm nights and blossoming flowers, the harsh air here seems a drastic converse. He closed his eyes, musing. He was already homesick and he'd not even entered the front door. He didn't know how he would do this, how he'd survive.
black_mirror4:16pm: Stetzer had spent much of the night pacing, his animal instincts rising up invilible hackles on his back.

He needed to stretch unseen muscles.

The transition was smooth and he padded his way out of the bedroom on four clawed feet.
Bounding down the hall he stopped short on a rug and kneaded large claws into it for a few minutes.

He wandered down the staircase, tail flicking as he picked up the scent of 2 or 3 other pairs of feet.

He could also smell Brian, and he turned away from where the scent seemed to lead and began exploring the west side of the lower level.

4th August 2003

black_mirror1:26pm: Stetzer sat alone in the middle of the bed he'd chose as his own. The room was adjoined to a sitting area all of them done in deep reds and browns. He liked the warmth it gave off.

He held out the hand that had been half held by Brians and stared at it dumbly as if it didn't actually belong to him.

"Got to stop this....can't dally like this.." He muttered to himself, then fell back onto the bed grabbing a pillow in his descent which he stuffed over his face and sighed.

3rd August 2003

xavier_evans6:23pm: Xavier sat on the front steps of the house, alone, finishing off the last of his cigarette before willing himself to go inside. His eyes were resisting adjustment to the darkness of the immediate entryway.

What the hell am I supposed to do now? he thought, regarding the many possible doors, and staircase, in front of him.
down_like_water6:00pm: Dorian burst through the doors of the Manor and looked around.

"Hey Kids, let's put on a show..." He said to himself a grinned.

He circled the Manor touching statues, the banister to the huge stair case, window ledges all with the same distracted air of someone thinking of other things.

"What is this all about?" He stood calmly, one hip jutting out, hand tucked under his chin in deep thought about the whole situation.
brian_dyer2:07pm: Brian had arrived the previous night and now stood against a wall, arms folded across his chest, lost in thought.

How many were coming, how many were here now? He could hear faint movment, soft voices. He had fed, and fed well before his arrival, but this still struck him as a monumentally bad idea to lock him into this manor. A snake in a cage full of mice.

Sooner or later the prey would realize they had a predator amongst them, and when they did, they would all be at risk.

He sighed and pushed away from the wall to fall into a chair, still thinking deeply, cursing circumstance, paying no attention to his surroundings.
Current Mood: shocked
keagan_hazel12:27pm: Keagan stood at the doors, unsure of whether to walk in or knock. He decided the latter, but after waiting for some time with no answer he began to wonder if he was not the first to arrive, and simply gave in and entered.

The whole idea had at first seemed pointless; coming here. If he needed protecting he had recourses for going unnoticed. Admittedly, this was an improvement to the woods. Definately an improvement.
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