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fortuna_manor's Journal

Fortuna Manor
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Welcome to Fortuna Manor

Fortuna Manor

For Full Story Details Read More About Fortuna Manor Here

Fortuna Manor was founded by three people who's rp-ing compatability was phenominal. We three, (Euphrosyne, Thalia and Aglaea) took on the majority of the community ourselves, playing all the roles.

But sometimes even the Graces need help. So if you desire to play, you are most welcome.

But I, Euphrosyne, warn you that our standards are high.

Please Ask Yourself the Following Questions

01. Are you 18? Or at Least Act Like It?

02. Can you handle...Slash and alot of it, Femmslash, severe angst, dark ideas and storylines?

03. Can you be a very active part of this community?

04. Can you keep up with quickly moving plotlines?

05. Are you able to take your own advice and direction in storylines? Can you pick up on character subleties and follow others lead into sub plots? We are not adverse to helping, but you must have some creative ability to make up your own.

06. Understand that you will be on probation if accepted. This is not to be cruel, we just want to maintain a very high compatability factor here. It's what the community s all about.

If you've answered yes to ALL of those questions, please fill out an application.

Please note. We know a MarySue and a GaryStu when we see one. You will not even be replied to if your character resembles either.

Your character can be any genre or Fantasy OC or Harry Potter.
About You
Your Name:
Your Age:
Your Email:
Your AIM Name: (optional)

About Your Character
Age:(Must be at least 22)
Orientation: (straight, gay, bi, omni, undecided, uninterested?)


Please give a 1-3 paragraph sample "post". It should be in third-person, past tense and should deal with something deeply significant to your character. In other words, show us what you're made of.

E-mail to: goldmyne@hotmail.com

Taken Characters

Brian Dyer brian_dyer
Xavier Evans xavier_evans
Keagan Hazel keagan_hazel
Stetzer Gabbian black_mirror
Lennox Reegan lennox_child
Dorian Gray down_like_water
Damion Pearce da_mi_on
Lily Evans lily_lys
Bree Medeci devilsmaycare
Legolas lego_las
Chrysalis Strong dividing_line
Kalliopae Chant diamond_night
Azra Darling darling_fae
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